Clicker Games

About Clicker Games

Clicker games are an important part of the video gaming industry because they provide the luxury of playing casually without worrying too much about constantly looking at the screen. Some people are busy and don’t have enough time to dedicate to entertainment, others have trouble concentrating after a hard day’s work. Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that there is a demand for a more relaxed and laid-back gameplay, and certain games can provide it.

There is a variety of clicking games available online. Traditionally, the term refers to management or tycoon sub-genres where the player’s goal is to click on icons representing production of some resources or goods – like cookies, for example. Click ten times to bake ten cookies, earn the money to hire help that allows to produce ten per one click. Eventually, you will be baking and selling billions, and here’s the best part: games like these can keep running in the background while you’re doing other tasks.

There are many other games that can be operated by simply clicking your mouse: puzzles, adventures, arcade and even platformers. No matter what kind of clicker game you prefer, you can always find enough to scratch that itch and get some zero-pressure entertainment for free.

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